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Pornic, a real estate market with contrasts bringing together very different neighborhoods, from diffuse country-side housing to chic neighborhoods overlooking the ocean.

The real estate market of Pornic

 Large aera among the Atlantic ocean of approximately 95 km² located on the southern coast of the river Loire, more precisely on the Jade Coast, Pornic became a famous seaside resort. Very busy in season and the weekend in offseason, the city of Pornic has spread by merging villages like Sainte Marie, Gourmalon and Le Clion.

Pornic reach more than 15,000 inhabitants (60 000 in summer) whose average age is around 47 years old, the population consists mainly of couples without children, more than half of whom are managers and entrepreneurs. The city of Pornic is very concerned by the haliotropism phenomenon *.

 (*) Haliotropism is a term used in social geography and demography to designate the attraction of populations by coastlines and maritime regions in general.


A very disparate real estate market

Pornic brings together eight very different neighborhoods in terms of urban nature from very compact center around the old harbour, organized in alleys, stairs and several levels mainly consisting of townhouses without garden, then old houses with garden to uptown shared by Linz Boulevard with newer commercial areas and housing developments. On the outskirts of Pornic, rural hamlets of diffuse settlements blend in with the growth of the city.

Plan de Pornic 44210 Loire atlantique - Laurent Le Dû IAD FRANCE

8 neighborhoods

Pornic is devided 8 neighborhoods : Gourmalon, Le Clion – La Corbinière – La Porcherie, Sainte-Marie, Plage de Porteau - Clos du Bocage - La Girardière, Mousseaux - Noëveillard, Centre-ville - Halles-Bourg aux Moines, La Birochère - La Joselière – Le Plessis Maîs et Les Trois Croix – La Ficaudière.


A Pornic specificity : a deficit of apartments for sale or for rent

Despite recent quality real estate programs on the Ria (Pornic valley opening towards the old harbour), the real estate market suffers from a deficit of apartments for sale or rent. The city is composed of 18% of apartment versus majority of 82 % houses. The real estate agencies of Pornic are regularly questioned by the purchasers for apartments without unfortunately being able to propose enough goods.


The influence of the view on the Atlantic Ocean

This overview explains very important price differences of a very tense real estate market in Pornic between the residential districts of La Noëveillard, Gourmalon and Sainte Marie with its magnificent Corniche du Porteau and the districts of Le Clion and La Joselière for example. Added to this observation is a very important price adjustment variable: first and second level seaviews.


An "uberized" rental market

Homeowners account for 75% of dwellings and renters 23%, with social housing representing only 4% of the rental stock.

In a seaside resort the weekly rental market is rather classic and some real estate agencies are specialized.

But even more so for the past 5 years, the luxury Airbnb rental market has developed (for example 300 dwellings for a family of 4 people were available on 16 September 2019 via Airbnb). This development is owing to the fact that the happy owners of family or secondary villas rent it during the touristic season or their holidays to "cover their expenses".

 (*) Uberization, from the name of the company Uber, is a recent economical phenomenon consisting in the use of services allowing professionals and customers to put themselves in direct contact, almost instantaneously, thanks to the use of new technologies.

The off-market*

If some gentle dreamers with first-class properties overlooking the sea along the "chemin des douaniers" claim the sale of their prestigious villa via specialized websites at the exorbitant price of 15 000 Euros per m² the average cost is lower indeed.

Most of the villas are sold between1 and 2 million Euros via specialized network agencies such as IAD France, which lists more than 8,000 advisers on France internally exchanging , without advertising or with enigmatic issues. See also our article on luxury real estate and luxury homes.

(*) The "off market" consists in exceptional properties whose sale is not the subject of any advertisement or advertising, targeting a rich clientele demanding the strictest confidentiality.


The role of the real estate agent in evaluating the price of a property 

The times of the instinctive assesment by the real estate agent is over. The collaborator of a real estate agency is no longer just a real estate salesman but a "real estate buyer" and this especially in a tense real estate market as in Pornic where the shortage of villa has settled for a long time, with a growing demand linked to the dynamism of the city of Pornic and Nantes.

Other times other practices, a real estate representative is a business owner, it is not intended to fill a catalog of mislisted real estate but sell property at the right price with fees lower than the average real estate agencies of Pornic because its fixed costs are lower : no physical agency no employee.

The sale price of a property in Pornic

Today, the sale of a property, apartment or house, at the right price could be assessed with precision and it is our role to evaluate the good price of the property in relation to the context and especially in relation to the offer, because that is the way our buyers proceed, as far as the real estate market has become with more transparency and responsive thanks to the web.

Times have changed, a buyer can compare properties in real time via the Internet and can request a reasoned assessment on websites like Best Agents or on my mini-site, a matching also documented by the sales history recorded by notaries now public.

In conclusion, the sale price of a property in Pornic as elsewhere fluctuates according to supply and demand refering also to a the regular annual growth and this market has become very tense. Our group IAD France has developed a tool for evaluating the sale price of real estate that combines evolving market datas, the sales history in the district registered by notaries and the comparison of properties at the time of sale.This evaluation is free and linked to the signing of a sales mandate.


Laurent Le Dû
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Mr. Laurent LE DU (ID 37289), Real estate agent registered in the Special Register of Commercial Agents (RSAC) of the Commercial Court of ST NAZAIRE under the number 790762223


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