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Historically located in La Baule area, the luxury real estate market is declined in rather old prestige villas with some contemporary architect houses and apartments terrace.

Demand is intensifying and vacant villas are becoming scarce, the Atlantic coast of the river Loire sees developing new centers of interest always close to high-speed train and airports such as the cities near La Baule : to the north, Le Croisic, La Turballe or at the south Pornichet and Batz sur mer. More recently, Pornic attracts investors and wealthy individuals by its preserved nature.

The west Atlantic coast, a new Eden

As a result of the Global warming, the Atlantic coast is becoming very popular and not only the old chic "spots" like La Baule to the detriment of the Côte d'Azur area. The calm, the authenticity of the sites and the populations attract more and more.

Pornic and its surroundings is the best example of this trends of the upper middle classes and the most wealthy : magnificence of landscapes, authenticity, quality of life in terms of access (3 hours from Paris by high-speed train, 2 hours by plane plus car) and services.

Apart from professional investors, buyers come from the Paris aera and northern Europe and seek beauty, tranquility and discretion, they are the champions of "be happy be hidden" and so far from the show-off attitude.


The discreet charm of Pornic and the Jade Coast

For this new clientele, the real estate equation to be solved by the off-market *, the sales are concretized on specialized websites of agencies or via networks.

Thus, Laurent Le Dû real estate, member of the network IAD France, I sale exceptional properties without advertisement or by enigmatic publications. Most of the marketing is carried out in internal network with our 8000 advisers in France and with our foreign subsidiaries, "Number one oblige".

The properties available in Pornic and its surroundings are well-equipped comfortable old family houses, some jewels in their "juices" to completely renovate and contemporary houses of architects with luxurious services. The properties are traded between 1 to 2 millions euros, see more for exceptional villa.

For this type of sale, our fees excluding tax are set at 2% of the price. According to these attractive conditions, we only accept real estate at reasonable prices because it is necessary to remind it : the amounts of transactions are now public  and well knownin France by purchasers ...

Time despise what is done without him

If the sale of a luxury villa on Pornic last time, the acquisition of luxury real estate property on the coast also...

Trust us with your project in french or in english, we'll do it confidentially.

Laurent Le Dû
33 1 6 43 19 79 93

(*) The "off market" consists of exceptional properties whose sale is not the subject of any advertisement or advertising, targeting a rich clientele demanding the strictest confidentiality.

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